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  • Cape Breton lamb chops

The place to "just be" in Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail

Experience the Chanterelle's Cabot Trail views, eco-friendly accommodations and Fine Dining

*Reservations are Required for the Restaurant*

Chanterelle Inn & Cottages featuring Restaurant 100 KM is the perfect place to take in the beauty and bounty of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  The 100-acre estate sits high on a brae overlooking the estuary of the North River as it flows into St. Ann's Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean.  For over 19 years, numerous sustainable practices and unique made-from-scratch recipes have defined this refreshing and natural retreat.  A refined, locally sourced menu created from the labours of farmers, growers and fishers (from within 100 kilometers) provide guests with the  authentic tastes of Cape Breton.  Historic Baddeck, Bras d'Or Lake and the North Sydney Ferries are all close by, and Cape Breton Highlands National Park is only 45 minutes to the north.  Those looking for a particularly special Canadian vacation can choose from the Custom Deals or ask for some friendly advice to enhance their trip.

Book today and find out why National Geographic Traveler’s Stay List featured the Chanterelle Inn as one of 13 “most authentic and unique hotels” in Canada.

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