Chanterelle Inn & Cottages is named after the golden mushroom, Cantharellus cibarius, which grows in abundance over the property's 100 + acres. The Chanterelle mushroom is one of the most "choice" of all wild fungi because of its fragrant flavor. Cape Breton Chanterelles are shipped all over the world to some of the most exclusive restaurants and dining rooms. When they are in season, you will find this delicacy in many of the dishes served in the dining room at the Inn. Other choice edibles are also found the woods behind the Inn.

We strive to set and exceed high expectations. Our greatest reward is having guests return year after year or when we have a guest who has been referred to us.

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Innkeeper/Chef Earlene Busch and her grandson Connor Kloepfer manage the inn, but it is the local staff who are irreplaceable in creating the welcoming atmosphere epitomizing Cape Breton hospitality.