Cape Breton's Brilliance

"Where the mountains meet the sea"

The charming fusion of music, nature and history makes Cape Breton Island a timeless destination worth returning to again and again. Located in Eastern Canada, the landscape boasts tremendous ocean, lake and mountain views, and with a rich history dating even farther back than its establishment as one of the original trans-Atlantic ports, the island's intrigue encompasses many cultures and interests. We warmly welcome visitors from across the globe, and our location provides a particularly convenient getaway for the northeastern United States, Europe, and of course, Canadians who want to support local.

Pleasant summers and wet, snowy off-seasons create a lush landscape populated with countless species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Driving the Cabot Trail is both majestic and exhilarating as it hugs mountains, coastlines and the occasional river valley extending out to sea. Whales and other marine animals populate the shores, and the different fowl from puffins and eagles to hummingbirds make for a lively environment wherever you go.

Gaelic communities frequently hosts ceilidhs (pronounced kay-lees) with food, drink, dancing, and some of the best fiddling skills on earth. Sydney and North Sydney ports hosts cruise liners and ferries daily, but the truth is, visitors need multiple days to fully explore the island. Whether you want to travel back in the past or lose track of time altogether, Cape Breton and its gregarious residents will make it feel like you belong.

Spring at the Chanterelle Inn

Saint Ann's Harbour

High Falls at the North River Wilderness Park