Bein' Green

The guiding vision of Chanterelle Inn & Cottages is “Bein’ Green"!

From the original construction of the inn and cottages to the cuisine served daily, we are proud of our efforts to minimize the Chanterelle's impact on the pristine environment of the North River Valley. We hope our policies and practices enhance the experience of our guests and set an example of how much nature has to offer when you pay your respect.

The Inn's layout provides a constant flow of fresh sea air in order to eliminate the need for energy intensive air conditioning. Instead, each room has a ceiling fan. The building’s positioning was calibrated to provide optimal conditions for the functioning of the solar panels covering the back roof. On the interior, low VOC paints and hardwood floors with in-floor heating offer an allergen and chemically-free environment. Facial and bath soaps, cleaners and laundry products are also chemical and fragrance free. Only non-poisonous methods are used for the elimination of pests. The linens used in both the inn rooms and cottages are 100% cotton.

For guests seeking a quiet respite from the cacophany of modern society, the Inn's rooms do not have televisions nor telephones. However, the cottages do.

Our cuisine is created in-house from local and organically grown ingredients. We serve fruits and vegetables obtained from nearby growers and pickers, only meats from non-factory farmed animals, and flat fish and crustaceans from local fishers. Our goal is to obtain our ingredients from providers within a 100 kilometer range. These buying practices give back to the community and greatly reduce “food miles” and packaging. Herbs are grown in our own garden and chanterelles and other edible fungi are foraged from the dozens of acres of forest at the back of the property.

We do ask guests to participate in our practices from recycling to pre-cycling. We suggest they bring their own bottles and use our spring-fed well water instead of buying bottled water. We also ask them to turn off any electrical devices and lights when not needed as we get most of our energy from a coal-fired power plant.

*Ask about how we can provide the perfect setting for a meeting, retreat, musical performance, romantic getaway, small wedding, or other special occasion.